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Wicce Huntian
An original multiplayer board game. Both visual design and game design are completely done by Yousan Xue
Full set of Game design and Visual art
Divine Divergence
Full set of pre-production concept arts for the original game 'Divine Divergence'
Concept design
swim out
Visual development & key frames for a original story
visual development
wild idea illustrations
Illustrations that came from some crazy daily ideas. Shows some of the design and visual development skills of mine
Fan Art illustrations
Fan art Illustrations that carefully designed and paint with detail
the smallest dragon boy
concept and visual redesign of a story of the same name under a completely different culture -- the sanxingdui culture.
concept art
Haunted house
interior rendering for a horror game scene with different light situations.
concept art
Better if I were you
visual development & key frames for a origonal story
visual development
Cave palace
concept rendering of a underground palace scene with different lighting situations.
concept art
The fog
highly stylized key frames for a old radio drama.
Diamond cut diamond
environment and prop design for an ancient Indian story
visual development
The Jungle Book Redesign
character design for 3D animation. Middle-earth version redesign of the jungle book.
character design
character turn-around and expression sheet
character design
other works
application of different illustration styles
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