Story Plot
A merchant named Sonu, who came from humble beginnings but worked hard to build his fortune, realizes he has become lonely and stagnant and decides to return to his poverty-stricken hometown to share his newfound riches with his family. While stopping at a bazaar, he is tricked by a shady businessman named Beeka-Mull into giving him the valuables for safekeeping, only to be kicked out when he returns with his family and attempts to take them back.
Desperate and alone, Sonu accepts the help of a local trickster named KOOshy-Ram, who plans to double-cross Sonu whole taking the riches for herself. However, in the ensuing few days the two find common ground and become unlikely friends, only for their relationship to be upended when Sonu mistakenly thinks Kooshy-Ram is trying to deceive him and leaves, resolving to steal back his riches by himself.
his attempt fails and he fears that he is now more helpless and lonely than ever, but Kooshy-Ram unexpectedly arrives in disguise, conning Beeka-Mull and taking back the riches. Sonu realizes that he doesn't need the validations of his cynical family but gives them the riches, deciding to follow his heart and stay with Kooshy-Ram in a mischievous but trusting friendship.
Kooshy ram's Hideout
camel ride
props and character

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